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Maintaining 340B Compliance for Your Hospital is Critical

Are you prepared for the new 340B integrity provisions in the Affordable Care Act and the financial penalties for non-compliance?

Unintended 340B errors can result in a loss of discounts through rejected chargebacks or retroactive manufacturer compensation that could cost your hospital tremendously and possibly result in the loss of your 340B status.

340B price adjustments through wholesaler credit rebills can make you vulnerable to manufacturer inquiries and audits. Are you prepared to respond?

Can you manage Medicaid 340B carve outs for your outpatient pharmacy dispensations through automatic execution on your Policies & Procedures (P&Ps)?

Has your state started implementing the DRA Section 6002?

Did you know that Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has initiated contracts for Audit Medicaid Integrity Contractors (Audit MICs), organizations contracted to perform audits of Medicaid providers?

Does your Covered Entity (CE) stay prepared for audits or are you waiting for a 340B problem to impact your facility before taking the necessary steps to avoid compliance issues?

340B Covered Entities that use 340B to stretch every penny are being challenged to provide end-to-end auditability. Can your entity do that?

Choose Sentry DSChoose Sentry DS, the leading
Hospital 340B Compliance Company.

When utilizing a 340B Contract Pharmacy to extend the benefits of 340B to your patients the technology needed to maintain compliance is significantly more complex than the requirements for a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or Community Health Center (CHC). Sentry has years of experience in 340B and the most robust user-friendly technology available in the marketplace today. Sentry’s solutions are designed to help you maintain compliance, no matter how complex the requirements.


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Did you know…
Did you know

inquiry letters generated by manufacturers are being sent to Covered Entities increasingly every month? Would you be able to respond to manufacturer questions without deploying additional resources and depleting both your time and money?

the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) are becoming more aggressive in their attempts to change policies to limit 340B utilization and in exercising their rights to identify and stop violations of 340B compliance?

unintended use of the 340B pricing program or other non-compliance could result in a loss of millions of dollars in manufacturer compensation for your hospital, depending on your hospital size and how long you have been utilizing the program?

drug manufacturers are trying to redefine the definition of a patient due to expansion of the 340B program?

When you’re considering a comprehensive 340B solution partner (for both mixed use and contract pharmacy settings), you need to ask the following questions:

  1. How many years of 340B experience with hospitals (not FQHCs) does the company have?
    Sentry has more than five years of 340B compliance experience with hospitals that are 340B eligible and enrolled.
  2. How many hospitals has the company successfully implemented?
    Sentry has hundreds of hospital sites implemented today across the U.S.
  3. Does the software solution require you to run reports on CDMs that need to be applied to NDCs you need to purchase next compared to matching on actual utilizations?
    Sentry’s pharmacy management procurement and utilization system, Sentinel RCM, provides an automated CDM to NDC crosswalk updating feature which matches CDMs with hospital LIFO/FIFO accounting methodology to re-order the correct 11 digit NDC that was utilized. This entire process executes on your documented P&Ps.
  4. Does the 340B solution execute on your federally required Policies & Procedures (P&Ps) that are specific to your facility?
    All of Sentry’s 340B solutions incorporate P&Ps within their operational setup configuration and execution of transactions.
  5. Most “split billing” solutions bundle similar NDC’s for replenishment. Are you concerned about compliance with the specific 11 digit NDC requirement?
    Bottom line –“split billing” software is simply not a solution to manage 340B compliance and optimization. Splitting an order into 2 PO’s is a matter of sending an already created purchase order to a specific wholesaler account. You can’t send an order before you have all the utilization and purchase intelligence needed to create those orders. In order to prevent diversion, an entity must replenish an 11 digit NDC for 11 digit NDC an entity must have a complete procurement management solution with end to end tracking to do it.
  6. Does the software solution automate utilization of your charges to your specific 11 digit NDC purchases? If not, how many people and how much time is involved in running reports on CDMs to apply to any NDC you purchase next compared to allocating NDCs to their actual utilization?
    Sentinel RCM saves you both time and money, reduces effort on comparing CDMs to NDCs, and is filled with robust reports that track your NDC purchases to CDM utilizations.
  7. Can the software solution effectively track your “just in time” inventory purchases for your outpatient oncology area or other purposes and will this solution allow you to be prepared for an audit?
    Sentry’s solutions capture all orders initiated both inside and outside the system using a unique purchase order (PO) and invoice capture process. This is essential in being able to account for all purchases and utilizations.
  8. Does the software solution require consultant services to make up for the absence of a clear audit trail?
    Sentry’s solutions are intuitive and built to use without any additional consulting needed for auditing purposes. Contact a Sentry sales representative at to see a demo of our software solutions.
  9. How does the solution track actual NDCs and does it track them correctly on claim forms such as an 837, UB 92 or 1500? Does the solution meet the NDC reporting requirements of the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA)?
    Sentry brings order to the chaos of federal and state regulations with the DRA Tool, the Sentinel RCM Module designed to accurately track 11 digit NDC reporting and meet the requirements of the federal 340B and DRA Section 6002 legislation combined with state Medicaid offices. Contact a Sentry sales representative at to learn more about the DRA Tool.
  10. How many contract pharmacies has the company successfully implemented and how are multiple contract pharmacies managed with full compliance in an ever-changing 340B regulatory environment?
    Sentry’s pharmacy transaction processing solution, Sentrex, services hundreds of contract pharmacies, coast-to-coast, for our hospital client base and we have been handling multiple contract pharmacies for several years with multiple Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs).
  11. Are your 340B program’s financial reconciliation records auditable and available real-time?
    When you implement Sentrex, your end-to-end audit trail components are available instantly.
  12. Does the 340B technology company provide you the confidence that your data is managed within a full solution platform that operates with the highest levels of integrity and security?
    Sentry’s solutions are hosted through a SAS 70 Type II certified infrastructure that is HIPAA compliant. Sentry’s secure, web delivered applications make the process of deploying our 340B compliance solutions simple and quick, requiring no IT footprint in the hospital or pharmacy.
  13. What kind of customer support is provided?
    Sentry offers 24/7 customer support, 365 days a year. We’re here for you. Any time. Any day.
  14. How quickly are changes to 340B regulations incorporated?
    Sentry’s experience in 340B compliance, along with our team of pharmacists and doctors, means that we are up-to-date on all 340B regulations. Our staff is making the necessary updates to Sentinel RCM and Sentrex as legislative requirements are changing. We keep you informed on 340B news so your P&Ps can be updated as needed.
  15. Can the 340B contract pharmacy solution determine real-time point of sale eligibility?
    Sentry performs real-time point of sale eligibility to allow for maximum captures with no additional operational requirements for contract pharmacies.
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